Microsoft taps into the mental illness crowd; embarrasses self

When that one TV ad with the characters in a tavern hailing  the player for his exploits came out, we here at WASDuk wondered if we’d have to stop making fun of cringe-worthy gaming ads.

Thankfully, Microsoft has scotched that by offering up a duo of ads that give us fresh reason to not just hate marketing departments, but also wonder if they aren’t just all taking the piss.

The first ad seems to center on a stereoptypical rugged male as he experiences what can only be described as “schitzophrenic phantom agonies”, before they fade, and we find out that it’s all just a result of playing Ryse: Son of Rome.  In a horrible purgatorial twist, he then goes back to the game, issuing a flat monotone command to “resume”.  Chilling.

The second ad is a more standard fare, offering a bunch of people talking while they should be playing games, and shouting commands at the screen like an entitled child.  Kind of boring so far.  The real kicker comes close to the end, where Microsoft seems to think the best way to sell their system is to quote an obviously too-excited tweet from user nicholaseallain  that states:

“The Xbox One is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to mankind.”

Now, we won’t spend TOO much time analysing what is clearly just an example of embarrassing social media over-excitement, but two points need to be mentioned (apart from the more obvious lack of truth)

1.  It’s not quite something that ‘happened to’ mankind.  Cholera happened to mankind, and it was pretty great, but Xbone not so much.

2.  Why is Microsoft using excitable fan-wank as quotable material?  Don’t they have enough?


Anyway, enough gassing.  Check downstairs for the vids themselves.



What do YOU reckon?

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