Infinite Crisis Reveals Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is a classic example of how great the DCAU was and continues to be, especially Batman: The Animated Series, because it not only show-cases classic story arcs, but it also redefined some one-note villains into fan favorites. And, Poison Ivy was one of the luckiest villains. She went nuts and grew her own family and even showed Harvey Dent the dangers of obsession before his personality split into Two-Face.

In the comics that followed her new origins in the DCAU, she has been portrayed as everything from an eco-terrorist to a contingent member of The Birds of Prey. Thus, it is really no surprise that she was announced as the latest character to join the free online MOBA known as Infinite Crisis. Screen shots of her Atomic version were posted to the game’s Facebook page, and she looks deadlier than ever. For those who are unaware of what the Atomic Universe is, note that it takes place on Earth-17. In this reality, nuclear war has ravaged the planet and the heroes and villains who survived appear a tad more lethally mutated.



The popular MOBA style game also features Nightmare, Mecha, Gaslight and classic versions of popular DC heroes and villains. The alternate characters have been received much more favorably than the recent cinematic news that Affleck will be Batman and that Wonder Woman will most likely shed her Amazon origins to be rebooted as a Kryptonian clone-thingy. Therefore, do not worry too much about how the cinema may crush your comic legends beneath the heel of schlock. Rather, bask in the glorious alternatives that superior games offer:









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