Teaser Trailer: Dark Souls II

A new teaser trailer for Dark Souls II manifested on the inter-web after your faithful-to-a-fault WASDUKian sages finished the incantation of  Bhularidzxcghez yesterday. Actually, the sages just made up that name, but when we substituted boar meat, which is easy to get in China, for Americana bacon, then some really weird and sorted stuff went down. The once made-up thing arose and posted the video to YouTube, and we are still bleaching out the blood stains from its demand for sustenance afterwards. Poor, poor, Rudy.

I shouldn’t even be writing this, so go ahead and watch the trailer for the March 11, 2014 release date. Dark Souls II is projected to be insertable into PS3’s, PC’s, and XBOX 360’s. You guys… Just always follow the incantations exactly, okay?


What do YOU reckon?

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