Happy Christmas to all our followers!

When we 3 got together and decided that the only way to combat our daily boredom would be a UK blogging site devoted to games and geekery, just before November this year, we could not have imagined the success we would enjoy. And it’s all thanks to you guys! So we got our resident artist to put together a wasduk Christmas card featuring our 3 regular writers and our base camp (and I can assure you it is entirely accurate!)

So Merry Christmas to all our followers (here and on Twitter), readers and supporters!


Check out our followers in all their supportive glory!

Gaming & Geekery Bloggers

Heroine Junkies

Archaeology of Tomb Raider

The Good Kyle

Aliens Play Games

The Dad Gentleman Geek

Routinely Gaming

Raging Heroes

World of Harley

The Extremis Review

After Dark Gaming

The Book Movie Guy


Game Developers

MobiTek Games

Red Tentacle Studios

2401 Studios

Jesse Etzler

Telenon Towers

G3zar Studios 

Psychotic Psoftware

Hamster Force

Fat Fish Games 

Silver Dice Games

Pyrrhic Studios

Particulars Game

Gerix Games

Golden Giant Games

Spider Key Games 

Surprise Attack Games 

Gamer Communities

Hobby Game Dev

Indie Tap

Casual Box


Recon Gaming Channel 




Bill Boulden

Cade Peterson

Danimal Cannon

Carline Mente

Archaeology, Academia and Access

Henri Van de Zee


Julian Sherman

HarsH ReaLiTy

Kendall  F. Person

Disciples Perspective


Top 10 of Anything and Everything 

Trish Farlin


Top Best Cinema

Sunny Sleevez

Interesting Literature


Ray Ferrer 

Redling: Live to Drive!

Curious Jessie 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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