Martian Manhunter is Almost Unbeatable in the iOS Injustice

The biggest complaints against the iOS version of Injustice: Gods Among Us are twofold. First, the repetitive gameplay within a limited range of character battles, especially when Challenge Stages are absent, is boredom incarnate. It forces players to credit grind endlessly to level-up not only favorite heroes and villains, but useless card-fighters as well, such as the amazingly fragile Catwoman (Bronze and Silver versions).

Second, the computer uses enhanced or powered-up card-fighters. In the final levels of the game, players face-off against versions of Wonder Woman, Doomsday, and Superman, who all have well over 100,000 in health points and over 50,000 in damage points. To put that into perspective, a maxed out Red Son Superman, as you can see below, has 43, 754 in health and 23,320 in strength. As such, he is almost like the Atom in his smallest form taking on Godzilla.

Now, check out the stats on the new Round 2 Martian Manhunter in his Challenge Stage below. Your eyebrows should be raised because this J’onn is sky-high on Chocos and can, unlike any other fighter in the game, block break.
20131218-082504.jpgPlayers all knew this was coming. The last Elseworlds Flash Challenge Stage threw out some overly tough competition in the final Round of play. However, Rounds 2 and 3 in the new Challenge Stage is a whole new monster.

When we used the Regime Wonder Woman, who was maxed at level V, she was unable to defend against any Martian Manhunter attack. J’onn block-broke and punched straight through her defenses and repeatedly stunned her before unleashing his special attacks. Thus, as typically unbeatable as Diana is, she didn’t stand a chance.

However, Bane, for some reason, was able to defend against every attack from J’onn. Therefore, we teamed him with the Red Son Superman and Red Son Wonder Woman to boost his strength and power generation. Superman was able to block about 70% of his attacks, and he was the strongest fighter on the team. He opened the fight and stayed in until he got 2 power bars. Then, we tagged in Wonder Woman. With the Red Son version, she gets huge power generation bonuses, and so she filled up two bars (while having the crap beaten out of her) and tagged out. Bane was nearly a sacrificial lamb. But, we got him to two power bars as well and tagged him out right before Manhunter killed him.

Finally, Superman tagged back in maxed out his power and used his unblockable attack. Then, we tagged in Wonder Woman, maxed out her power and unleashed her unblockable attack. Last, Bane tagged in and unleashed his unblockable attack. The combined damage of the three unblockable attacks defeated J’onn and we cleared Round 2. However, each fighter was nearly out of health.

The final word is that beating the Martain Manhunter in both Round 2 and Round 3 of his Challenge Stage is a roll of the dice. If players get frustrated with him in Round 2, then a final option is to pay 60,000 credits to skip the match, which will reward another Gold J’onn to your deck. The opportunity cost is low because buying a single card of him from the shop will set you back 220,000 credits. As Lex Luthor would tell you, that’s good business.

If your pride is aching to beat-down the alien JLA member, then be sure that your card-fighters are maxed out. This will require some players to heavily credit grind, but you have over a week until the Challenge Stage expires. It’s an unfair situation, but the tough and difficult accomplishment is well-worth the reward. Your team members must each unleash a unblockable on the Martian or you will lose. Are you lucky enough to win? Either way, the iOS version of the Martian Manhunter is almost unbeatable.




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