Walk-Through: iOS Injustice Martian Manhunter Challenge Stage


A new Challenge Stage to reward skilled finger-swipers began yesterday for the iOS Injustice: Gods Among Us, and it offers the logistical mastermind behind the JLA’s Watch Tower: Martian Manhunter. This Challenge Stage coincides with the first Batgirl Challenge Stage for Android users. As a result, players have 17 days to complete the 5 battle stages, each composed of 15 fights, to add J’onn J’onzz to their deck of card-fighters.


25 Challenge Credits are rewarded once players log-in and are notified of the mode. The 25 Credits are enough to pay for the first two battle stages but, after that, either normal matches or booster packs must be used to gain more Credits. Similar to the last Challenge Stage, which offered Elseworlds Flash, this round of battles can be played through again. Each completion rewards another Gold Martian Manhunter, so that fans can get him to level III quickly.

Martian Manhunter Challenge Stage Walk-Through

Battle 1: Only Bronze Characters are Allowed on Your Team


The first battle is as easy as eating a bag of Chocos. All of the opponents are Bronze level, or the lowest level card-fighters in the game, but beware of Silver level heroes and villains that appear in the more difficult play throughs, after the first Martian Manhunter card has been awarded.

It is a great plan to have 2-3 teams ready. As you can see in the above photo, we assembled an Alpha-team with Bronze Lex Luthor (15% to damage), Bronze Green Arrow (5% to damage) and Bronze Flash, who gets a speed bonus for every special attack that he uses. Our Beta-team included Nightwing, who takes less damage from normal strikes, his Teen Titans counterpart, Cyborg (regenerates health when tagged out) and Solomon Grundy. Again, the highest level foe you will face is at level 16, so one special attack will most likely knock any of the characters out. If you fail, then you will be demoted all the way down to the Gamma-team with B’wana Beast, who is no longer allowed to show-up in the game. Heh.

Battle 2: Lex Luthor Must be on Your Team


The huge advantage to this battle’s requirement is that as long as either the Bronze or Silver Lex Luthor is on your team, then you may use any other fighters you want. We opted for the biggest gun in the game, Regime Wonder Woman and her power generating pal, Green Lantern. The majority of the teams you will face are low-leveled Bronze and Silver card-fighters, so any Gold member will run roughshod through this level. Have 2 teams ready just in case, as the energy cost for the 15 matches cannot be played through by one team. Consider a Beta-team with 2 Red Son cards and a Lex for good measure.

Battle 3: Only Bronze and Silver Characters are Allowed on Your Team


Battle 3 is a little tougher as all of your Gold cards are now off-limits. However, the first few teams are leveled between 1 and 6, which is convenient for new players to the game, but phenomenally easy for more advanced iOS fanatics.

Always opt for the teams that provide the highest boosters. Silver Lex Luthor gives 25% to health, Green Lantern gives 25% to power generation, Silver Harley pushes 10% to damage, the Flash gives 15% speed, and Black Adam and Doomsday have the highest statistical strength to throw around. Any combination of those card-fighters will form solid teams.

Battle 4: Sinestro Must on Your Team


Sinestro’s special ability gives him power generation every time somebody tags out against him. While this jives with his background in fear, the question still looms as to why there is no Gold version of him. This alien is the leader of a Lantern Corp. Similar arguments can be made about Lex Luthor and Green Arrow, who also have no Gold cards to allow them to stay in a fight for a long period. Regardless, similar to battle 2, add Gold cards to Sinestro’s team. In the latter screenshot, the Red Sons were used as their special attributes double for each additional Red Son card on the team. With them in tow, each fight may last 15 seconds if the opposition defends.

The re-plays of this round are incredibly hard. Always beware the Regime Wonder Woman and Regime Aquaman. They are specialists at reducing both your confidence and teams to nothing. The AI of the system has lately taken a special affection to Lobo. He is often placed as the first opponent in and, for some reason, he can use his shot-gun blasts from a long distance, which players cannot do when using him.

Battle 5: Bane Must be on Your Team


The final battle pits brain against brawn. The Martian Manhunter will face you solo at the end of the fights, and he is at level 24 to try to stop the terror that Bane’s venom has taken on the JLA. There are currently 3 Bane cards, and each match costs 3 energy bars, so players will have to trade between the cards effectively. WASD UK primarily used our resident annoyer, Black Adam to tag in and out with a constant lightning shield emanating. Take caution against the past Challenge Stage cards that show up. For instance, Zod gets a 20% bonus to both his health and damage for each of his friends you knock-out, and Aquaman loves to make opponents bleed. The bleed condition is very similar to poisoning a fighter. Bleeding card-fighters will lose a small amount of health every 2-3 seconds. Stupid trident!


Martain Manhunter gets his Mortal Kombat on by pulling teleport-punches, similar to Reptile. Also, his special ability is very, very problematic. When he throws a knock-down blow (the fourth punch is a knock-down blow in a normal attack combo) he has a statistical probability that causes different effects. In the above screenshot, Bane was stunned as an effect. These effects do not cost any power and they are not infrequent. The most common effect is power drain, followed by stunning, and bleeding (called Mental Damage when he summons it) is the lowest statistical probability. Therefore, J’onn has the combined special abilities of Batman, Raven, Aquaman and a host of other fighters.


Once you take down the alien mastermind, he is added to your deck. Overall, Martain Manhunter does not offer valuable support stats like some of the past Challenge Stage cards such as Batgirl, but his random effects from normal attacks and his high strength and health make him one hell of a first fighter for any team to deal with. With Red Sons supporting him, or with the power generation boost of Silver Green Lantern, he can throw-down with the best of them. Martian Manhunter is a fantastic addition!


Players have the option to fight through the Challenge Stage 3 times. The first time is simple, the second time is very tough, and the final time around will expose the weakness of every card-fighter you have. Such a range of difficulty has kept the iOS Injustice entertaining, and it is a nice substitute for the limited stages offered in normal game-play.

Furthermore, J’onn has new support cards to increase his health, damage and power generation. Check them out below, and a HUGE shout-out to DC/NetherRealms for including Chocos! For those coming in late, the comics had a brief side-story where J’onn became addicted to Chocos as though they were meth or crack. His martian physiology is highly addictive towards chocolate and sugar as well as being easily weakened by fire or heat.




Martian Manhunter, like all iOS characters, has 3 special attacks: Phase Assault (his Reptile-like teleport-punch), Pillar Punch (see the final photo, which shows J’onn shape-shifting to crush punk-a$$ beatches), and Son of Mars (his ultimate, unblockable attack available after level 20):





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