Soundwave Reveals Leaked Fallout 4 Information

Earlier today, posted leaked documents that reveal information about Fallout 4, which appears to be set in Boston. The documents were leaked by one of Kotasku’s mysterious sources, whom WASD UK just presumes is the generation 1 Decepticon, Soundwave. These documents make up for the recent hoax that lured Gamers to believe that a new Fallout was coming. Regardless, it is! Thanks, Soundwave!


The leaked documents are posted below. If you read them, you pledge allegiance to the Decepticons. Well, we could never understand Soundwave, but WASD UK is pretty sure that that is what it said.

1 2 fallout

You are now a Decepticon!


2 thoughts on “Soundwave Reveals Leaked Fallout 4 Information

  1. Seems fake, the whole great-great grandfather thing doesn’t really add up, probably need a couple more greats to get to the fallout war – and what type of museum would need lots of energy?

    • We agree with you Ali, but when have the Decepticons ever been wrong?! I mean, this isn’t a, heh, Starscream Regime anymore. Do you think it is just a lame reach for hits? (By the way, that’s why we site our sources!)

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