Android Injustice: Batgirl Challenge Stage

A new update was released for the Android version of the DC/NeatherRealm card-fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us. For those of you coming in late, the card-based fighting game recently released for Android devices allows one to use characters from the DC Universe to battle against other DC characters. It is a melding of the card-based system made immensely popular by franchises like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh  and the tag-team battle system used in such immortal titles as Tekken and Marvel vs Capcom. The update also allows players to sell cards for credits and, if one completes this new Challenge within the time allowed, then one is rewarded with a Gold-level Batgirl card.

The update gives players a time limit to complete a Challenge Stage. These Challenge Stages require players to use what are called Challenge Credits, or tokens that are currently shaped like the Batgirl insignia. Challenge Credits are awarded at the end of any normal match (not within the Challenge battles) and any fight within the Challenge Stage will cost you 1-3 Challenge Credits. The update also awards new booster packs with Challenge credits that one  can purchase, though they are largely a waste of money as well as being far too expensive for what little players receive:


So, how do players complete the Batgirl Challenge Stage? The 5 battles inside the Challenge arena, which all consist of about 13 matches, each have requirements that will require players to be more strategic in selecting  the team of cards that she or he will choose. The Challenge Stage also requires players to either use specific character cards on teams or to use cards from a specific class level. For example, Stage 1 of the Challenge, where are opponents are leveled to no more than 12 (not hard at all), requires one to use only Bronze level cards, or the lowest level cards available in the game. Later stages require one to use Catwoman on a team, Harley Quinn on a team, and the final stage, where foes are at levels of 15-24 (again, not hard, so just use any Gold-level fighter to cruise like Tom), requires Bane to be on your team. The final fight for players will be against Batgirl herself:

After a player completes all of the stages, then the Gold Batgirl card is yours! Batgirl’s special ability is quite intriguing and useful.She provides one full bar of power at the beginning of any match, which allows fighters on her team to use a high-level attack immediately. Team her with the Silver Green Lantern (25% to power generation) and Batman (25% to dmage) for an amazingly effective team.
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