Sony security mages respond to possible rogue activity

After detecting strange and ‘irregular activity’ on the Aetheric tides, Sony’s circle of security magi, well trained in the mystic arts of defense magick, have sent the proclamation throughout the land that all users of the new Playstation 4 console change their words of calling, lest this secret cant be known to enemy rogues.

place that copy of FIFA in the bag, dear lady, lest I mar that pretty face of yours

Even so, many disgruntled citizens have made the long and perilous journey to the far reaches of Mount Sony with tales of woe, misery and FIFA 14, claiming that they have fallen foul of trickster magic, whose evil intent has transmuted their otherwise-valuable gold pieces into near-worthless FIFA 14 content.

It is thought that vile and villainous mendicants could be using the hapless citizens as a perverse orb of scrying, purchasing the content from the online bazaars and using the victim’s console to download content to their own dread machines.

This is not the first time that the security mages have felt the sting of their enemies’ hidden blade.  In the year of our lord 2011, the updating of a networking spell brought with it many loopholes through which the fingers of the unseen enemy did reach, and many accounts fell, bringing blackness to the network for many moon cycles.  The famed and fabled axe of the dread lord Sony visited wrath upon many of the magi that day, and they vowed that such contemptible forces would never make such ingress again.

The aura of uncertain peril quivered in the air as we approached the tower of securitas, where the mages were set to convene and to discuss this latest upset.

arch-mage cantivarius minutes before the convening of the mages

“It is the words of calling!”  Cries one such magus, slamming his staff upon the smooth obsidian.

“If these words of calling be known throughout the land to all and sundry, then the user is bound only to suffer!  The citizens must be advised to change the words of calling if they use a similar spell online!”

“A foolish notion, Archamaus!”  Called another, whose name was known only to the crows of the air.

“If their words of calling are not safe with us, as they have not been in past years, then all is lost for sure!”

“Perhaps the citizen was merely drunk at the time and regretting the exorbitant purchases they made to online clothes retailers and for games and content they decided they did not want?”

Offered an unknown mage, but was shouted down for his insolence.


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