Khal Drogo is… Some Person from the DC Universe?

Zach Snyder, Christopher Nolan, and the rest of the fine people at WB/DC have done an amazing job of keeping everything regarding their next film top-secret. Today, Jason Momoa was announced to contingently be joining the cast of the yet to be titled Batman/Superman film. Poser news sites like Yahoo! have made new careers based on hearsay regarding the film, but it seems to be a widely accepted practice as it simply builds the guarantee that any morsel of news about the movie will instantly go viral.


Hi, I was Conan, but now I am…

Because the Man of Steel blu-ray contained extra footage loosely referring to Doomsday, some sites have proposed that Momoa, best known for his role as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, may be portraying Superman’s ultimate nemesis. However, as speculation goes, names like Martian Manhunter have also surfaced as possibilities.

Thus, WASD UK is proud to not announce that he will portray the most popular member of the Justice League EVER: Vigilante. By Vigilante, WASD UK means Shining Knight. That’s how these announcements go. Please, any of you readers out there must guide us! Who will he play? Atom-Smasher?


What do YOU reckon?

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