10 Superman Villains to Showcase Instead of Batman

If one sticks with the original DC comics as a source, then Lex Luthor has no business showing up in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, which will apparently be a reworking of The Dark Knight Returns, otherwise known as Batman floors Superman.

It’s too soon for Affleck, even if he turns out to be the best Wayne yet, because Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy remains too fresh in our minds. Also, while Batman has the best and most often imitated rogues gallery in the universe, Superman’s list of baddies isn’t too shabby. Thus, here are 10 villains we’d rather see at the center of a Superman flick instead of whatever DC/WB are planning for the inevitable Man of Steel sequels. And, you’ll find no mention of either Doomsday or Darkseid here. This is a real list that won’t succumb to common knowledge. WASDukians are smart, and you’re smart. Let’s do this!

10) Atomic Skull

atomic skull

In most minds, the Atomic Skull is essentially a 1930’s radioactive terror that causes minor annoyances. However, this villain packs the full range of atomic energy. Also, in the comics, Joseph Martin is stronger than Superboy and can go toe-to-toe with Superman himself.

With the clever mind of Christopher Nolan producing and the realization that, to this day, Superman has yet to face an on-screen evil that has actually threatened him, the Atomic Skull could finally be that guy. The recent catastrophes in Japan and the common knowledge of past nuclear meltdowns are embodied by this villain.

Why he needs to be seen before Batman!

Imagine a Superman flick with the backdrop of a pint-sized Godzilla wreaking havoc. Not only could Atomic Skull take out entire cities and countless bystanders, but to see Superman frantically racing to try to hold it all together would be priceless. Super speed, heat vision, super strength, and freezing breath are not very effective tools against Atomic Skull. It would truly be a beautiful nightmare to behold.

9) Amazo


Amazo meshes perfectly with what Man of Steel has established thus far. It is an android developed by Professor Ivo, and it can copy any attack or power used against it. Didn’t the last Superman film end with the U.S. government on the fence about its alien savior? Amazo is the kind of technology that is perfected just in case the government can’t control the alien.

Why it needs to be seen before Batman!

The public in the film would be completely unaware of Amazo. Therefore, once Superman faced off with it for the first time, then Amazo could inflict serious damage on unsuspecting towns or persons. This would be misconstrued by the media to paint Superman as a villain. With Earth facing a radical threat, the heroes are forced to come out of the woodwork. Wonder Woman could show up because Earth’s civilizations had failed and would need her protection. The Question would be investigating and studying Superman to figure out how to take him down. In the meantime, Amazo would be compiling all of their powers for an all out war with the future members of the league.

The Justice League films are coming. Amazo is a brilliant way to usher them in.

8) Bruno Mannheim

bruno mannheim

Bruno Mannheim is the head of a world-wide terror syndicate called Intergang. The Dark Knight showed audiences how devastating uncontrolled mob heads who are bent on not losing power can be. While the Joker was unleashed on Gotham, Bruno Mannheim deals in chaos via alien weaponry from DC’s biggest-bad: Darkseid.

Why he needs to be seen before Batman!

Knowing that Darkseid, an evil alien god for all intents and purposes, already has a foothold on Earth is essential. Superman has taken on psychotic humans in past films (Lex Luthor, whatever Superman 3 was), but he’s never faced off against a merciless, deranged sociopath that has been told by the face of a malicious god to kill.

In addition, Mannheim would be a hand-full because he would be testing Darkseid’s weapons on Superman. The entire film would allow Darkseid to take notes on Superman as though he were a cell in a microscope. With the right actor, Bruno Mannheim could be the Joker without face-paint or the Lex Luthor without business interest. Why not both? A Lex/Joker hybrid is potentially the Hannibal Lector of super-hero films.

7) Eclipso


Eclipso is the Wrath of God. Unfortunately for everyone, he turns evil and begins taking his cosmic responsibilities as the Angel of Vengeance to megalomaniacal extremes. Not only is Eclipso immortal, though he was replaced by The Spectre in DC comics, but he is also willing to use devious manipulation and possession of others to achieve his ends.

Why he needs to be seen before Batman!

Eclipso has possessed the comic-likes of Shazam as well as Superman, and those are two of the biggest guns in DC lore. Alien life arriving in the first Man of Steel shook mankind as a whole. However, what happens when governments are so focused on subduing the new threat that they are not prepared for the supernatural?

Consider the possibility of a 28 Days Later scenario where, rather than a zombie outbreak, Earth faces an outbreak of demonically possessed heroes. Superman’s biggest weaknesses (without kryptonite) are magic and being removed from the sun in this solar system. This could also serve as a dark introduction to many vigilantes in DC’s Justice League. Humans such as Nightwing, Huntress, Green Arrow, The Crimson Avenger, and others could hunt down Superman for Eclipso.

The human vigilantes enhanced by dark magic could also bash on Superman as though it were a normal round in the Injustice platform. Not only would this add pulse-pounding action sequences, but it would also build to an epic fight of Earth’s greatest heroes against an immortal villain.

In summary, one word: WIN!

6) Silver Banshee

Silver Banshee

The Silver Banshee, like Eclipso’s minions and pawns, is a victim of circumstance. Her actual persona is that of Siobhan McDougal. She is a descendant of a clan that performed rituals on its young to ensure that they were worthy to lead Clan McDougal.

When she discovers the ritual and enacts it, it is interrupted and she is sucked into the netherworld. An entity called the Crone makes a deal with her. In exchange for her father’s ancient texts, she will be returned to Earth with vast Supernatural Powers. Unfortunately, those books have been sold and are housed in Metropolis, which is the home of Superman.

Why she needs to be seen before Batman!

With the casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, fans are very nervous about which Amazon DC/WB will get pinned to the movies. If she is a weak scan of her former self, then a tougher, brutal femme-fatal will be needed. In addition, the Silver Banshee can drain life from victims and her magic is harmful to Superman.

Thus, she could knock-off the dead weight that is Lois Lane, though Superman seems regretful about snapping Zod’s neck. As always in the comics, this leaves Wonder Woman as the one who would kill Banshee for Earth’s people. Banshee’s primary purpose would be to evolve Wonder Woman from a protective Amazon warrior into a brutal immortal who will protect mankind from its self. Everyone knows Superman and Batman, but Wonder Woman is untapped potential. With Lois out, an Injustice: Gods Among Us film could be right around the corner.

5) Ultra-Humanite


Ultra-Humanite was Superman’s arch-nemesis before Lex Luthor was created. Furthermore, he has one of the most advanced scientific minds in the DC universe. Imagine him as a sort of Walter from J.J. Abram’s Fringe. As much as J.J. is a poor man’s Joss Whedon, a kooky yet intelligent nightmare in the form of a scientist would be an amazing villain.

In addition, Ultra-Humanite derives its name from the fact that it can transfer its brain into any body: human, animal or alien. In the animated Justice League he normally appeared in a Gorilla’s body, while his incarnation in Batman: Brave and the Bold had him possess a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Why it needs to be seen before Batman!

With a film like 1998’s Fallen, where Detective John Hobbs (Denzel Washington) chases down a body-jumping demon, the template can be set and improved. Ultra-Humanite could go on a rampage in the disguise of whomever he sees fit. Hell, Wonder Woman could be cast as the villain under his control. Last, the Ultra-Humanite is an underrated genius. In the comics, he was able to terrorize not only Superman, but the Justice League as a whole.

4) Metallo


Marvel/Disney’s Thor was just a Masters of the Universe remake that replaced Dolph Lundgren with Chris Hemsworth and Courtney Cox with Natalie Portman. Therefore, why can’t the next DC film be a re-formatted T2?

Why it needs to be seen before Batman!

Metallo is a cyborg at first. It is supposed to be powered by a Kryptonite stone, which pretty much means that it could kill Superman whenever (Batman always shows up and bashes out the battery; cheap). However, Kryptonite does not exist in the Man of Steel realm, so Metallo will need to be able to shape shift and reform just like the liquid Terminator in T2.

One overlooked event in Man of Steel was that Lois Lane was put on a media parade because of Superman. She is his inside gal. As a result, Metallo could be programmed by LexCorp (not Skynet) to hunt her down. Superman would take on the role of Ah’nold and Lois would become the hunted John Conner. This would also allow Wonder Woman to be forged in the likeness of Linda Hamilton as Sarah Conner. Hamilton was unleashed and had some cringe-worthy and clap-out-loud violent streaks. While only Zeus is perfect, that would still be an amazing Wonder Woman to see.

3) Parasite


After watching this video clip from Justice League Unlimited, is there any doubt how cool Parasite would be in a film. He actually made the powers of Elongated Man and Metamorpho look brilliantly awesome, and that’s a hard thing to do! Obviously, Parasite can absorb the powers of any being, but he can also make normal humans sick simply by touching them.

Why he needs to be seen before Batman!

If DC is going to springboard its roster of heroes, then their powers are going to be the big attention grabbers. Parasite can debut with the powers of the heroes already in tow.

A single touch to Superman or Wonder Woman gets him invulnerability and super strength. The vigilante types that rely on gadgets (Batman, Booster Gold, Nightwing, Green Arrow) don’t offer much usefulness against him. As a result, Parasite is essentially the opposite of Superman. He is the disease longing to wipe out humanity by any means necessary, while Superman is the savior longing to save humanity by almost any mean.

2) Solomon Grundy

solomon grundy

Solomon Grundy will not die, and not even Chuck Norris can make that claim. Batman prefers to leave Solomon in the sewers of Gotham and will even go so far as to apologize for bothering him.

When Grundy does get riled up, he is more than a handful. Furthermore, if he is killed in action, then he will resurrect in a different form.

Why he needs to be seen before Batman!

Superman can level and kill Grundy in the opening scene of a film to get the blood pumping. What will arise? Will it be the highly intelligent Sir Solomon Grundy, the hulking monstrosity made popular in the Arkham Asylum game, or something much more hideous?

The “Born on a Monday” zombie is also a perfect link between Superman and Gotham. While Lex Luthor regularly hires the masked muscle of Batman’s city,  it would be nice to see a villain who can logically link the two and potentially take them both down Walking Dead style.

1) Gog


This is a big reach, but the idea behind Gog is so utterly fantastic! One of the many overlooked points of revealing gods and aliens is the response of Earth’s civilizations. Most movies just show people saying, “Cool,” and going about as though it is not a big deal.

Gog was a member and, then, the leader of a cult that worshiped Superman. Think about that for a moment. How would you react to aliens with eye-beams and beings just flying about as they please? Exactly! Some people would view them as gods.

 Why he needs to be seen before Batman!

Every single element of Gog is untapped script material. He loves Superman, yet ends up loathing him. What’s more is that the cosmic entities bestow him with power greater than that of the Man of Steel. Suddenly, Gog realizes that Superman isn’t a god, but maybe he, himself, is.

Gog can take on the whole league and he kills Superman more than once. In fact, he is so powerful and is filled with such unequaled hate towards Superman, that the Justice League is forced to trap him a looping sequence of time, where he gets to kill Superman over and over. This pleases his insanity, and his huge amount of strength and super-power could reveal every league member in one film. It’s too bad that the public and media keep stuffing the same, common villains down our throats.

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