The Best iOS Injustice Teams

When the walk-through for the last Challenge Stage in iOS Injustice:Gods Among Us was featured, a ton of email requests came in asking what the best teams in the game were. As a result, Chris Patton, your resident iOS Injustice fanatic, will outline the answers to the questions all you hungry Gamers sent in. Are you ready?

Question: Hands-down, what is the best team in the iOS Injustice reality?

Team: Red Son

Don’t you dare settle for less! Red Son cards have special abilities that double for every other Red Son card they are teamed with. Yes, the Red Son booster pack will set you back 400,000 credits, but it is worth the cost because you get three of the best card-fighters in the game. Thus, stop your whining!

The Red Son Superman adds 25% damage to all of his team members, but it triples to 75% when he is teamed with the Red Son Wonder Woman and the Red Son Solomon Grundy. Those three cards are given in the booster pack, by the way. In addition, Wonder Woman adds 45% power generation and Grundy adds a 45% health boost. No other team can come close to matching those stats.

The result is that nothing can stop this team, especially when each card-fighter is maxed to level V. Once you see these fighters throwing punches that do 1600-2000 damage per hit, you’ll crack a Joker-like grin of glorious power, comrade.

Question: There are a ton of Batman themed card-fighters. What is the best Bat-Team?

Team: Arkham Knight Oracle

Batgirl (aka Oracle) adds one bar of power to all of her team members. Therefore, place the Arkham Origins Batman as the first fighter. Because his special ability gives him 2 power bars at the beginning of each match, plus the power bar Batgirl adds, he will start with a full set of power bars. As soon as you hear the match begin, use your unblockable attack. This will instantly kill the first opponent in most matches.

As they bounce off-screen, tag in Batman, who adds 25% damage to the team’s attacks. Bash his way to a level 2 attack and unleash that. His Way of the Bat starts with a spin kick before he summons three robotic bat-bombs to devastate his foes. This combination of attacks will end most matches, but Batgirl has been in the shadows charging up her power bars just in case somebody has clung to life.

Question: Message boards are littered with players ranting about how scared they are of fighting the Regime Wonder Woman in the final stage. Is she really that tough?

Team: Amazon Regime

First, the best version of this team has Regime Wonder Woman supported by the Red Son cards of Wonder Woman and Solomon Grundy. However, teaming her with the Arkham Harley Quinn or the Silver Insurgency Lex Luthor (both add 25% to team health) and the Regime Green Lantern (adds 25% to power generation) is nearly as effective and much less expensive.

As for the question, the answer is not a simple yes or no. It is a vibrant, “YES!!!”

The Regime Wonder Woman is the best individual card-fighter in the entire game. Do you understand? Let’s pause for a rant. Look, every message board out there pushes the Joker or buying a Gold booster pack. Why? Wonder Woman is completely unparalleled. If players save up and get her, rather than randomly relying on a booster pack, then her teams will be in the driver’s seat for the whole game. Both her Regime card-fighter and the Red Sons are your highest priority. Stop all the other useless chatter!

Where were we? Right! She gains 5% power generation for each blocked attack. When matches start, block with Wonder Woman and do not attack. As enemies punch and kick, her power bars fill. Once they are maxed, release her ultimate attack to kill the opponent. As the next foe tags in, block again and repeat the process. Harley’s health bonus will keep the Amazon’s life up and Green Lantern’s special ability will fill her power bars very quickly. This was the first team WASDuk used to finish the entire game. Regime Wonder Woman is devastating both to fight against and to battle with!

Question: What about the new Man of Steel booster pack and the Elseworlds version of Flash that players got this past week?

Every Superman card-fighter aside from the Red Son version is useless. The Regime Superman’s level 2 heat vision is unblockable, but he offers zero support bonuses to his team. Furthermore, all of the other Supermen only get individual boosts when their health drops below 30-40%. If somebody is teething with a Seinfeldian complex about the Boy Scout, then here is the best way to use him:

Team: Alien Regime


Zod receives 20% to both damage and health for every teammate, not foe, knocked out. Unleash the Regime Superman right away. If he is knocked out, then it is fine, because he is a pawn to stack Zod’s stats. Keep Lobo around because his special ability does not allow his power to be drained. If a Lex Luthor, Nightwing, Sinestro, Black Adam, Raven, Aquaman or Green Arrow card-fighter enters the match, then throw Lobo in. He was built to take them out, and the computer’s AI uses their level 1 attacks to drain your power. Lobo will have zero problems with wiping the mats with them.

Suppose you lose Lobo and Superman- So? Zod’s special ability stacks to a 40% damage boost and a 40% health boost. It is very important to keep him out of matches until the other two fighters are floored. Regardless, with Regime Superman and Lobo as the first ones in, players may not have to use him anyway. That’s a powerful team!

However, as cool as the Elseworlds Flash looks, his special ability, like the Supermen, is quite useless. If his health drops he slows everything down. But, once Flash knocks down an opponent during this speed-reduced time, the opponent immediately uses up the rest of the “slow” time, because he or he takes so long to get up. The final word is that useless cards like Elseworlds Flash, Catwomen or Banes should be sacrifices to boost Zod.

A lot of players seem to clamor over how powerful Superman is, but Zod is the savior of the Injustice cast-offs. He is much, much more valuable than all of the Supermen combined. Again, aside from the Red Son version.

Question: Doomsday was created to kill Superman. Is he useless or valuable?

I love Doomsday. Well, his Gold card, because every time he knocks out an opponent he regenerates 50% health. Team him with the Silver Regime Flash, whose special ability gives the team a 15% speed bonus. This allows Doomsday to throw a much higher number of punches, and those result in faster power generation. Fill the last roster spot with the Killing Joke version of the Joker. Joker’s special ability is that he refills the team’s power when he dies. In this manner, if Doomsday happens to get floored, then tag him out, fight with Flash until his health is drained and, then, sacrifice the Joker. “Bam!” Doomsday gets his full health back to annihilate what remains.

Last, I want to be clear that people will undoubtedly want to use their favorite heroes and villains regardless of my advice. Just be sure that you get the right support cards. For example, a Bronze Lex Luthor gives damage boosts and the Silver Lex gives a tremendous health boost. With those two cards as support, any Gold fighter can confidently steam-roll any team until the final stages. Credit grinding is one of the worst, repetitive problems with iOS Injustice. As a result, get to Battle 36 as soon as you can. Battle 36 gives out credits like no tomorrow. Once in Battle 36, if you do not have the Red Son Booster, then replay this stage until you can afford it. The Red Son card-fighters are not only the best team as a whole, but any two of them provide unequaled support. For instance, Regime Wonder Woman, Red Son Wonder Woman and Red Son Solomon Grundy can easily defeat every team or individual in the game.

Question: Do you have a guilty pleasure team?

Yes, I do! I adore Solomon Grundy and was rather disappointed when I began the game and a Gold version of him was not immediately available. I also feel the same way about Luthor, Green Arrow and Sinestro. Why don’t they have Gold versions to hang with the big-guns yet?

Thankfully, when I got the Red Son booster it had a Gold Solomon Grundy. I was so happy and, then, a Red Son Deathstroke was offered awhile back in a Challenge Stage. If you put those two alongside the Silver Regime Flash, then players get a 25% speed bonus. Watching Solomon Grundy go supersonic in Russian fatigues is hilarious. I love this team!


Finally, please comment or message any questions about the iOS Injustice to me here at WASD UK. I’ll answer honestly and as quickly as possible.


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