(Huawei > U.S. < Jesus > China)South Korea

Two U.S. senators, Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Dianne Feinstein of California, have written letters to US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, Secretary of State John Kerry and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. The purpose of the letters is to communicate that they believe that China’s Huawei firm should not be developing South Korea’s broadband technologies. There are two main factors that have caused these letters to be penned or posted via Twitter, whichever U.S. Senators do these days.


The Senator of California is infamous for her crusade to bring Justice back. At any cost! This time, it’s personal.

Part of the foundation for the concerns arising from two American Senators have to do with the fact that the Huawei firm was founded by an individual named Ren Zhengfei. Mr. Zhengfei is a former member of the People’s Liberation Army. Although the PLA is both the de facto army of China as well as the world’s largest military force with 2,250,000 members, the exact reasoning for rising U.S. paranoia seems to revolve around allegations that the firm spies for the Chinese government.


“I will crush you!”

Investigations into Huawei were launched by America and Australia in 2011. America did not take any action after the allegations were proven to be fruitless. However, Australia has banned the firm and refuses to allow them to be involved in its technology endeavors.

In response, Huawei has repeatedly asserted that the fact that their firm is 98.6% owned by its employees proves that it does not spy for its government. The firm has also announced that it will invest vast sums into its developments in the United Kingdom. While these arguments do not address the allegations directly, they do place actions as evidence over writing letters to breed fear.

One country, Australia, has taken the route shown in The Dark Knight. Australia’s government, like Bruce Wayne, saw something funny going on with the firm’s practices and cut ties with Huawei, even though the evil, metaphorical Joker was nowhere to be found. Consequently, it quelled its fears and moved on. On the other hand, the U.S. government has been proven to be hacking mobile devices of its allies. In response, America weakly bantered that everyone does it, and did nothing but talk baseless shit about Huawei. That’s how the big red, white and blue rolls!


Australia went Dark Knight to quell their fears, while America did nothing and continues its practice of making allegations without actual evidence.

Thus, are members of the America Government scared that a firm from China might be copying their intelligence practices in a much more successful, intelligent and less illegal manner? Yes, a whole two of them!

Currently, without hard evidence but armed with the typical half-ass rhetoric, the American media is beginning to spread paranoia and fear about China unjustly. Hopefully, Fox News can weigh in and pit Jesus vs. China. Hell, it already stupidly attacked its Muslim President for not mentioning God in his Thanksgiving address. That’s how Dad did it, that’s how America does it, and it hasn’t worked out pretty well so far.



What do YOU reckon?

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