Smaug Takes Flight

Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy began with a less than average first entry, and fans were not shown the full face of the evil, greedy dragon, Smaug. On the contrary, fans only got to see its eye and brief flashes of its tail. However, Smaug has now shown its face on an airplane.

Air New Zealand has cast a 177-foot (54-meter) decal spell on one of its Boeing 747-300 aircrafts in a clever marketing scheme to get tourists down-under. Weta Digital, which also worked on The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, produced the image. Currently, the aircraft is under plans to fly into Los Angeles in mid-December to help launch Jackson’s second film in the Hobbit trilogy. The pictures below mark the first time fans have been able to see Smaug’s face, and Air New Zealand will leave the image on the plane for another year, so that it can also help launch the final Hobbit film.

You. Shall. PASS! WASDuk means that if you want to fly on it, then getting a pass should be easy as long as you have a valid passport.





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