New Nosgoth lore fills in the blanks

Fans of the Legacy of Kain series will either be happy or infuriated with the news that while the new Nosgoth game invites more players to test the closed alpha stages, Square Enix have began filling in the blanks on what the original Legacy of Kain series did not explicitly say.

The new lore focuses specifically on the fall of the Razielim and the fate of the clan. On the one hand this makes sense as the game takes place during the years after Raziel’s execution, while Kain has apparently done a runner to the future rather than wait around for his miffed son to show up. On the other as the devs have already announced they were not going to mess with the canon, why do we need lore in the first place? The games may not have explicitly stated what happened to the Razielim but we know that they were massacred after their master’s execution. What more do we need?

Either way, the first part of the lore is available at the Nosgoth blog here.

‘Nosgoth’ is a free to play, online multiplayer battle arena game developed by SquareEnix and Psionix, currently in the closed alpha stage of development.


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