Lindsay Lohan vs. GTA V

Lindsay Lohan noticed something really, really familiar when she decided to have a go at Grand Theft Auto V. Once she began a mission where players are required to get to a hotel that resembles the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, Lindsay wiped the smudged line of cocaine from her gums because she recognized that the actual hotel looks a lot like the GTA V‘s e-copy. She would know as she used to live there!

Then, the mission required her to take photos of a girl having sex. This evidently resulted in Lindsay performing an all out face-palm, and the smack was heard all the way into the 909. The girl from the mission IS her!


Another thing that happened after Lohan calmed down and realized that she wasn’t in-fact filming Tron 3: Lindrising was that she phoned her lawyers. WASDukians aren’t serious about her drug usage in this piece, but everybody seems to want to kick the former Herbie star for everything she does, good or bad.

As a result of GTA V‘s bold moves with her “suggested” likeness, Lohan has begun filing a lawsuit claiming that Rock Star games owes her big. TMZ reported that her lawyers are still constructing and organizing the evidence.

While this may immediately amount to nothing aside from cheekily altered screen shots on Twitter and a settlement, it is Lindsay’s right to be paid if her likeness is used. While Rock Star games is a professional corporation held in high regard, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they can simply take somebody’s image without permission and use it for profit.

Is that the case though? As more details arise WASDuk will keep you posted. Until then, whose side are you on, Gamer? Is Lindsay desperate or is Rock Star a thief?



What do YOU reckon?

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