New, Stupid Amazing Spider-Man 2 Pics Reveal 1/2 the Sinister Six

Some crafty person out there took some pictures with his or her cellphone and uploaded them to the web. The pictures reveal a new Amazing Spider-Man 2 poster. Of course, the biggest deal is that it shows half of the Sinister Six for the first time. One can, therefore, finally see the Rhino, a shadow of the Green Goblin on his hover-board, as well as a hovering Electro.

Fans should brace themselves, as some genius out there has decided that the Rhino should be a large robotic Rhino. WASDukians have already ranted their feelings about this fiasco. Click here to hear our South Korean division go off. Anyway, here they are. Whatever:

as1 as2 as3 as4


What do YOU reckon?

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