Gamers feed homeless, still evil

Three times a year in Portland, Oregon a group of 400 video gamers decided to gather together and to play games for charity, hosting a LAN party that raised a massive 37,500 pounds of food for the local homeless community over a period of 48 hours.  This charity drive is held every year, and every year they manage to break the record for the amount of food donated.  The selfless PDXLAN group also raises money for charities such as Child’s Play and Smile Train.

ironic, because we’d EAT this much over the course of a 48 hour LAN party

When asked to give coverage on this achievement, news outlets showed no interest in it, probably too busy waiting in line to blame Call of Duty: Ghosts for the latest school shooting.  Gaming-related charities like PDXLAN and The Humble Bundle get little to no media attention despite all the good work they do, and perhaps it’s up to us all to reverse this, and show the world how selfless people in the gaming community can be.

So we here at WASDuk urge you to spread the word, re-post this image, and do the job that the national bloody news stations seem to consider beneath them.

Tsk.  A heart-warming tale about gamers making a difference, and we had to learn about it from George Takei.

Thanks, Chekhov!


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