Elseworld Flash Challenge Stage Walk-Through

Before jump-starting the guide to obtaining the new Elseworld Flash Gold card-fighter in the iOS version of Injustice: Gods among Us, a few updates to the overall game play need to be explained. First, players have been very vocal about their hatred of having to invite Facebook friends to play the game in order to receive Friend Credits. Certain cards, like the Killing Joke version of the Joker, could only be obtained in this manner. However, these Friend Credits are now being awarded as login bonuses.

As you can see below, for every third day you login to play, a small number of credits are given. Even though much patience is required, this is a better solution to getting the cards, as opposed to simply waiting on friends, who may never play anyway.


The second update to note is that a new booster pack has been added to the iOS. The Man of Steel booster pack costs a hefty 330,000 credits, but it gives players two powerful Gold card-fighters: Superman and General Zod. The card-fighters show the hero and villain, respectively, in their cinematic attire. Click here to read about them in full detail.

Elseworld Flash Challenge Stage Walk-Through


When players login, the new Challenge Stage update will appear. This signals that the last Challenge Stage, which offered Hawkgirl, has now finished. As of this article’s publication, players have 10 days to complete all of the new battles.


Players will be given 25 Challenge Credits to begin the quest to obtain the Elseworld version of Flash. For those coming in late, DC uses the Elseworld brand to tell stories outside of its main canon. As a result, characters like Dr. Who have been able to team with Superman. Happy 50th anniversary, Doctor!


Elseworld Flash Challenge Stage: Battle 1


The first round of battles require you to only use Bronze card-fighters. Bronze card types are the weakest fighters in the game. Regardless, a few of these types are very useful and can allow players to dominate. Lex Luthor is the most beneficial Bronze card-fighter as his special ability gives his team 15% increased damage.

As shown above, Green Arrow was added because he gives another 5% damage, and Flash rounded out the remaining spot because he gains attack speed for every special attack he uses. The final fight in the first battle has a Countdown effect, so do not fall asleep. If fighters do not defeat the three enemies in less than 3  minutes, then they will lose.

Elseworld Flash Challenge Stage: Battle 2


The next round of fights require teams to have either Bronze or Silver card-fighters. The most beneficial Silver support card is Green Lantern. His special ability adds an increase to power generation, so that his teams can execute unblockable moves very quickly.

The Silver Lex Luthor adds a huge bonus to health, and the Silver Harley Quinn adds 10% damage. Thus, this team is crafted to boost every statistical category in the game. The final team has a Radiation effect. This results in your team losing between 20-100 health points every 5 seconds or so. With the bonus from Mr. Luthor, it won’t be a problem!

Elseworld Flash Challenge Stage: Battle 3


Nightwing must be on all teams for this round of battles. There are currently two versions of Nightwing available, so be sure to alternate between them to compensate for the energy cost of each fight. Nightwing does not offer any support bonuses, so Raven was thrown in from his Teen Titans squad and, then, the best card in the entire iOS game filled out the last roster spot.

The Regime version of Wonder Woman receives power generation bonuses for every attack she blocks. Therefore, go into a defensive stance and let the computer’s AI punch and kick away. Once she has powered up her attacks unleash them to devastate the opponents.

Elseworld Flash Challenge Stage: Battle 4


There are not many Insurgency card-fighters, so players will be limited to about 6 brawlers. The best support cards are the Silver Lex Luthor and the Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn. These cards each give a 25% health boost, so their teams can take a beating and still comfortably hammer out a slug-fest.

Let them support either the Insurgency Joker or the Insurgency Batman, but beware of the Power Surge effect in each battle. This effect gives your opponents power generation bonuses, while your team will generate power more slowly. The end result is that your enemies will unleash quick level 1 special attacks over and over, and this will wear players down if they are not careful. With the 50% health boost from Lex and Harley, the Joker or Batman will be able to roll through foes, regardless.

Elseworld Flash Challenge Stage: Battle 5


The finale requires a Wonder Woman card-fighter to be on your team. The Red Son booster pack is amazingly expensive at 400,000 credits, but if the members are combined on the same team, then their special abilities are increased 300%. The above team gets a 75% damage boost from Superman, a 45% health boost from Solomon Grundy, and a 45% power generation boost from Wonder Woman. Nothing can stop this team, especially when each member is maxed out stats-wise and fully leveled.


Above, the Elseworld Flash takes players on alone. He looks pretty awesome, as though he wants to be the Red Beetle, but with the Red Son team in tow he doesn’t stand a chance.


Because the Elseworld Flash is at a much lower-level, let him mess with you for a bit. If you get his health below 30%, then his special ability kicks in. A red wind begins to blow and your team’s speed is vastly reduced, as you can see in the latter screen shot.


After your team knocks him out, the new card is added to your deck and it becomes available for purchase as well. Our fully powered comrades took him down in, literally, 5 punches.


Again, the Elseworld Flash looks bad-ass, but his special ability of Bullet Time is not incredibly useful. It only activates once per match, so he will need some serious support cards to make it through later battles in the game. If players simply must use him, then team him with Red Son card-fighters to get the best support statistics.

Last, this Challenge Stage is the first that can be replayed. Once players clear it, the opponents are leveled-up for a tougher round of fights. In the past, once a Challenge Stage was completed, it was not able to be played again.

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