Sneak Peek: First look at Valve’s new ‘Steam Machine’

The clever bods at valve have finally released a prototype of their new ‘steam machine’ to the media, which carries Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 graphics and an i7 intel core processor.  The machine, to be tested by 300 lucky gamers is Valve’s attempt to bring the steam gaming platform to the home console crowd, and uses their very own steam OS.  According to testers, the OS runs very smoothly but is very limited, something we all hope is an ailment they’ll manage to cure by the time of release.


it looks kind of like a radioactive sandwich, actually..

The steam controller is also being showcased, and is reported to work fairly well, but with a few little niggles.  Valve has been very quick to assure us all that is just a prototype, with the actual released console being much smaller, and hopefully, much more responsive.

However, with the boxes and wrappings of the newly-released PS4 and XBox One  still littering our floors, will steam be able to find a foothold in the console market when they release the steam box to the general public next year?

And more importantly, why do all the modern consoles look like evil relics from a 1950’s sci-fi movie?


What do YOU reckon?

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