New iOS Injustice Characters Arrive from Krypton

The iOS Injustice: Gods Among Us brawler has kept fans busy with a series of Challenge Stages. Each month, a stage consisting of about 60 battles offers a new card-fighter when players complete it. The last Challenge Stage offered a Gold Hawkgirl card-fighter and past stages included Blackest Night Batman, Raven, Aquaman and a Red Son version of Deathstroke, among others.

To keep gamers swiping and tapping away at DC’s heroes and villains, which are not easy to distinguish in the comic-based adaptation, DC/WB and NetherRealm have released a Man of Steel booster pack.

The booster pack contains a Man of Steel version of both Superman and General Zod. These characters have been available as skins in the platform version of the game for a number of months, but the card-fighters in the iOS version each have their own special ability. As a result, each card offered in the iOS offers unique attributes to battles. The Man of Steel Superman has a special ability that gives him a 30% chance to not use any power when performing a special attack. General Zod’s special ability is called Kryptonian Battle Armor. It gives Zod 20% less damage from special attacks. The price tag for the new booster pack has been discounted to 330,000 credits, which is still very pricey. Players better get to bashing skulls to save up!




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