Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Play Everyone from Every Comic

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been rumored to be playing a number of heroes in upcoming movies as well as in pitched movies that have not been green-lit. In the past, a joke between he and director Christopher Nolan turned into a juicy rumor that he would play the Riddler in the finale to The Dark Knight trilogy. It made so much sense at the time that a fake script even popped up and fooled a few hundred-thousand people into thinking it was true.


Since he ended up playing Robin in The Dark Knight Rises, who figured out who Batman was by looking at his eyes, many were hoping he would play Nightwing in the new DC/WB films, so that a sense of continuity would be formed. This was quickly understood to be impossible because Batman was recast with Ben Affleck under the cowl.

Then, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was rumored to be playing Hank Pym, otherwise known as Ant-Man in the upcoming Disney/Marvel project of the same name. When that rumor was never verified, it was suggested that he would be Doctor Strange. However, a Doctor Strange script has not yet been written and the film is not green-lit. It doesn’t stop there though.


Last week, it was rumored that Joseph will be playing the Sandman for writer and director David S. Goyer. Sandman was a DC Comics title by Neil Gaiman for the Vertigo imprint back in the 1980’s. The series changed Sandman into Morpheus (otherwise known as Dream). Neil Gaiman’s series is highly acclaimed by both critics and fans, and it is considered by many to be the greatest comic book series ever.


Although these rumors seemingly never bear fruit, we here at WASDUK want to know what you think. In our book, Gordon-Levitt is a phenomenal actor and deserves a worthy vehicle. Where do you want to see him? Would he be best as Doctor Strange, the mass altering Ant-Man, or as the Sandman?


One thought on “Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Play Everyone from Every Comic

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