35th Anniversary of the Star Wars Holiday Special

While the original Star Wars episodes broke the bank in terms of crafting a sci-fi epic out of a sword and sorcery saga that would forever remain in the hearts of Jedi fans, a seldom seen Christmas Special lives in infamy. Christmas Specials from the 70’s and early 80’s were usually tongue-and-cheek camp, but this particular Special refuses to pass on. The force in this one is strong!

bea arthur

Bea Arthur of Golden Girls fame took part in the special.

The primary reason for the Special’s longevity was that it marked the first appearance of Boba Fett. Thus, with the rise of internet sites like Wikipedia and the easily accessible information from search engines, it was only a matter of time before the Special from 1978 resurfaced. Fans and curious cinephiles who were not yet born wanted to see Fett’s debut.

boba fett

Unfortunately, once the Star Wars Holiday Special is viewed the complaints and shock abound. Poorly filmed segments and a cast that doesn’t get it show what can happen when great characters fall into the wrong hands. The Special also marks one of George Lucas’s sole regrets. He was quoted as saying that he wanted to track down every copy and take a hammer to it.

Old VHS and BETA cassette copies can be found on YouTube. We have posted the first two parts below so that you can partake in the anniversary.



2 thoughts on “35th Anniversary of the Star Wars Holiday Special

  1. I really need to sit down and watch this, just to see if it lives up to its infamy. Pretty much everyone older than me who grew up in the 80s says it’s the biggest travesty surrounding Star Wars.

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