Tower Fall Ascension Teaser Trailer

The hyper-active Indie adventure game Tower Fall Ascension, which offers co-op play and questing, released a teaser trailer for its PS4 release today. In addition, a developer from IndieHouse named Matt posted the following on this blog:

” For the uninitiated, TowerFall is a local multiplayer combat game about using archery to destroy your friends. It’s fast­-paced, intense, and strategic, with nuanced controls, one­-hit kills, and limited ammo. It’s very simple to learn and almost anyone can play, but if you spend more time with it you’ll find many layers of hidden depth waiting to be discovered.

From the moment I had four players jumping around on­ screen, I knew TowerFall was a game about bringing people together. From childhood all through high school and university, I had a lot of meaningful experiences with local multiplayer. I’ve always felt an affinity for difficult games that allow me to master a finely-tuned system of mechanics, but local multiplayer adds another dimension.


What do YOU reckon?

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