Copyright Part 2: Arise, Defenders!

Read WASDUK’s first entry on Marvel’s Civil War:

In 2007, Sony released the first full-length motion picture starring the embattled anti-hero Ghost Rider. Many fans were curious, rushed to the box-office, and were quickly reminded that similar schlock-filled CGI fests of the past, like Fox’s infamously bad Daredevil, were still being used as a template. The incredible anticipation of two of Marvel’s biggest, darkest guns fell flat, as did Lionsgate’s Punisher films, which resembled a cancelled Power Ranger’s episode complete with cheap plastic masks for Jigsaw. These three interpretations of the characters wasted tons of potential. Each character was a carbon copy of the other in that they each beat the crap out of baddies and then viciously bantered that they were not the bad guy. All of the latter studios were guilty of not releasing inner-beasts. They wanted kids to play with the cute demons and vigilantes, and this created inconsistency and laugh out loud movie sequences.


All those useless Chucky Halloween masks DO have a use. Zords? We no need no stinking Zords!

However, this past week marked the end of the licensing agreements for Daredevil, Ghost Rider and the Punisher between Marvel and Sony, Fox and Lionsgate studios. Thus, each of the aforementioned characters have returned home to roost under the protection of Disney/Marvel’s copyright shield. And, Marvel barely skipped a beat in revealing how important the plans were for at least one of them.

Wisely, Netflix and Marvel have announced the development of a live-action Daredevil series. The series will reboot the tale of Matt Murdock, who watches over Hell’s Kitchen, a small suburb in New York City. The unveiled plan is to establish Daredevil in his environment before proceeding with a set of tie-ins to form the super-hero team known as the Defenders. The Punisher, who clashes with everybody he can, has hunted the Daredevil in the comics, so rumors are currently swirling that the Punisher will also be launched within the new Defender’s reality.


We are HEROES FOR HI- er, sorry,… DEFENDERS! Um, yeah. Ninjas?! We can’t even get the Widow-Maker?! Fuck.

This announcement is also a sigh of relief in the face of the fact that Disney/Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D has fallen flat. Its lack of interesting protagonists, despite the reveal of Graviton as a big bad and the Extremis carry over from the Iron Man 3 film, has led to a mixed reaction. Critics continue to hail the show as a sort of “nerd’s have won” utopia, but the show has neither reached the quality of Fire Fly nor Dollhouse, which were two previous, superior yet cancelled efforts from the creative mind of Joss Whedon. One reason for the teetering Whedon vehicle may be ABC’s firm stance on all of its shows being family friendly. Although ABC made announcements to assure fans that the S.H.E.I.L.D show would be let loose, the show has done anything but that. Regardless, ABC studios will also be producing each of the new live-action takes on these Defenders heroes for Netflix.

Joining Daredevil will be two long-awaited characters that are sure to please fans: Iron fist and Luke Cage. During the Civil War comic arc, Iron Fist disguised himself as Daredevil to try to clear the vigilante’s name. In addition, Iron Fist operates out of New York City and has the ability to focus his chi, or all of his body’s natural energies, to enhance his skills. His origin story involves a great deal of supernatural and otherworldly avenues, such as discovering the mystical city of K’un-L’un as a boy.

Luke Cage’s origin finds him being sent to prison for a crime he did not commit. After suffering an accident, he was found to have near impervious skin and super-strength. The last hero, so far anyway, to join the Defenders will be a basic female clone of him named Jessica Jones, who currently goes by the alias Power Woman (No, DC has Power Girl, not Power Woman, silly!) in the comics. She also suffered an accident and has super-strength but, unlike Luke Cage, can fly at super-sonic speeds.

Older versions of the Defender’s team were led by Hercules, and Ghost Rider was also a member. This version could have graced us with the long-awaited tag-team of Kevin Sorbo (he was Hercules on TV) and Nicolas Cage (Ghost Rider).

Hopefully, ABC can retire their family friendly stances and allow a new Defenders team composed of 3 vigilantes with super-strength and one vigilante without fear to fuck shit up. You know, in a defensive way with good intentions.


It’s okay for supes to wear tiaras.


What do YOU reckon?

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