Maple Story 2 Announced

Nexon has announced that the sequel to Maple Story is on the horizon. The massively popular MMORPG debuted as a side-scrolling 2D adventure, and it took the world by storm in terms of popularity and marketing. The announcement was not accompanied by screen-shots, but a brief 12 second video was posted to by eager fans:

Nexon is wisely building the anticipation of the game, and they have highlighted the main differences between Maple Story and Maple Story 2 on their website

Maple Story 2 will take place in a new setting, although some areas and monsters from the first game may appear. Also, the new game is being developed in 3D with a full quarter view. The first user testing phase will begin in 2014, though the exact month and day have not yet been revealed. Updates and announcements will be posted to the Nexon website linked above.


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