New Justice League Film Trailer Debuts

Marvel beat DC to the punch-line. The Avengers debuted in a cinematic, live-action format first, and they seem to have a coup that requires at least 75% of all reviewers to give each of their movies positive accolades. The new Thor film, which does not even mention the name of the ultimate Dark Elf warrior, Kurse, ranks over 20% higher in recommendations on the movie site than DC’s Man of Steel.

Ce la vie. Marvel can have the silly, nonsensical live-action films that require audience members to either do homework (What the fuck is a Collector?! Infinity gems- THE HELL?!) or to shrug and say, “This guy blows shit UP,” before demanding one’s Google+ circles watch it. What DC does have though is a superior collection of animated films to Marvel’s. The last animated film Justice League: Flashpoint retained the adult themes of the comics and was packed with better action sequences than The Avengers and Man of Steel combined.

However, signs are pointing strongly to an upcoming live-action Justice League film. Not only was the Beware the Batman series put on hiatus for unknown reasons (Hint: it doesn’t introduce League members), but Warner Brothers studios have also hired veteran DC writers like Geoff Johns to write and edit a new script for the stalled live-action take on the League. To cement the relevant characters and how they came to be a team, the DCAU (DC Animated Universe) has released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Justice League: War.

The preview briefly shows the origin of how the founding members assemble to take down the invading forces of Darkseid. For all intents and purposes, Darkseid is a god that can match Superman’s strength. A god is a high-bar to set for an origin story’s villain, but the inclusion of Cyborg and Captain Marvel as founding members is signaling a changing of the guard from those portrayed in Justice League: Unlimited and Young Justice. Check out the preview and let us know what you think. Is this world truly for everyone, Marvel and DC fans alike?


What do YOU reckon?

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